Landlord Won’t Fork Out For An Aircon This Summer? Perth-Based Company Are Here To Help Aircon Units
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We’ve spent our fair share of long, steamy summers languishing in the heat. Dodgy landlords refusing to install aircon, asthmatic fans or heavy portable aircons that just don’t get the job done – there’s only so many Zooper Doopers one person can eat, you know?

You needn’t keep sweating though – there’s a cool breeze on the horizon thanks to If you’ve ever tried a portable aircon, you know that they’re far from perfect: Noisy, huge, big ol’ hose running out your window… They suck. Quite literally: they suck warm air into your house, which is (to say the least) not ideal.

Coolzy’s Cool Focus is almost half the size of a regular portable air conditioner, weighing a mere 17kg, and only makes as much noise as a pedestal fan – plus, there’s no hose that you need to poke out any windows, so you can chuck it basically anywhere and when your lease is up, take it anywhere!

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You can run it with the windows open or closed, put it outside, or even bring it with you camping – upgrading your experience to glamping in a flash. And speaking of tents, you can level up your at-home experience with their Igloo Tents.

Coolzy Igloo Tent

If you’re saving your pennies for nights out, rather than nights at home, you’ll be happy to know the unit costs less than a dollar to run overnight, which is up to 75% less than traditional portable air con units.

Developed in Perth by a UWA Professor, it has some serious environmental street cred. For instance, it doesn’t use any greenhouse gases to cool and did we mention the environmental savings? Using trees as a measure, a normal aircon would need 4-5 trees to offset its carbon effects. A Coolzy only needs a few branches…

Good for your wallet and much better for the environment – you can check out website over HERE.