Groundbreaking WA-based NITV documentary Our Law expands across Australia in Season 2

Alan Kickett Our Law Season 2
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After a powerful first season shot around Western Australian, the groundbreaking documentary series Our Law has expanded its scope for Season 2, which premiered on SBS on Demand last night.

Exploring the complex relationships between police and First Nations peoples, Season 2 once again enlists acclaimed Australian actor Deborah Mailman to narrate, as it expands its scope from Western Australia into New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Torres Strait.

The show follows Aboriginal officers on the frontline, attempting “to change the system from within and break the cycle of Indigenous incarceration.”

The eight part series takes viewers into new areas, including frontline police operations, squad-car conversations and personal journeys of the likes of Leroy Rundle and Ace Keirnan, cadets in series one facing new challenges in their more senior roles this season.

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There’s also Sergeant Alan Kickett from West Australian Police (pictured above); Aboriginal Community Liaison officers (ACLO) Melissa Muter (pictured below), Scott Mieni and Narelle Dickson from NSW Police Force; Sergeant Melissa Peters from Victoria Police; and Senior Constable Patricia Pedro, Constable Jarwin Blackman, and Constable Laurie Bateman from Queensland Police Service, as they work in various communities.

Melissa Muter Our Law Season 2

In Western Australia the series is hot around Perth and Kalgoorlie, with the original creative team returning including Perun Bonser (Star Dreaming, Noongar Footy Magic), and producers Taryne Laffar of PiNK PEPPER (KGB, On Country Kitchen) and Sam Bodhi Field of Periscope Pictures (Behind the Blue Line, Virtual Whadjuk).

“It is my hope that the series seeds critically important national conversations, which must take place now, if we are to establish a system of law that is fair for everyone,” said Bonser. “The responsibility of building a relationship between the police and Indigenous communities is on all of us.”

Our Law Series 2 airs weekly on NITV and SBS on Demand, with all of series one also available to stream on SBS on Demand.

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