Check Out Hamoni Homewares, A Beautiful New Japanese Homewares Store On Beaufort Street

Hamoni Homewares Perth
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We all need a bit more harmony in our life, right? Between work and play, between refinement and fun, between function and beauty. And right there at the crux of it all: Hamoni Homewares.

It opened just last month, the retail space a refuge of calm (and who needs frantic, frenetic shopping in the lead up to the festive season?).

Hamoni Homewares Showroom Perth

Bringing Japanese craftsmanship and tradition to Beaufort Street, the store is thoughtfully curated to showcase the artisanal range of ceramics and homewares.

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Hamoni Homewares Perth

Crafted by some of Japan’s best ceramicists, the handcrafted range will elevate even the simplest of home meals – from earthenware plates inspired by moonlight reflecting off ripples in water, or porcelain cups delicately painted with a school of killifish.

Hamoni Homewares Perth

And just because it’s carefully considered, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Rest your chopsticks on an adorable, miniature ceramic taiyaki, dango or a bottle of Kewpie mayo – all lovingly handcrafted in Mizunami.

Hamoni Homewares Perth

Outside of the kitchen, homewares like the Ceramic Japan’s Crinkle Super Bag fuse traditional craftsmanship with a thoroughly modern aesthetic. 

These stunning wares don’t just look good – they’re made to last. As durable as they are timelessly beautiful, Hamoni has a range of handcrafted ceramics for wholesale purchase that can withstand the day to day traffic of a restaurant or cafe.

Hamoni Homewares Perth

With an online store and website on the way, make sure to check out their Instagram @hamoni.homewares to get a peek at their wares – or pop into their showroom at 243 Beaufort Street, Perth.