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Words by Ashley Valli.

Looking for the ultimate sweat challenge that detoxes both your mind and muscles? Why not try hot yoga? Perth has plenty of different hot yoga studios to choose from, whether you’re north or south of the river. So sit back, drink some water (you’ll need it), and check out some of Perth’s best places to sweat it out in 26 poses:

The Studio

Possibly some of the most hyped yoga studios in Perth, The Studio has three different locations: East Victoria Park, Joondalup and Butler. New to the club? Get in on their 20-day  unlimited mat classes for just $21. They’re super beginner friendly and won’t hesitate to insist you take a break should the heat be getting to you (it will!). Fancy a bit of variety? The Studio also offers regular classes in mat and reformer Pilates, vinyasa yoga and yin yoga.

Hot Yoga Perth The Studio

1 Shepperton Road, East Victoria Park
7 Winton Road, Joondalup
4 Amesbury Loop, Butler

The Yoga Garage

Fancy a sweat bath and then a real one at the beach? Well, The Yoga Garage is only a five minute walk across from the vibrant centre of Scarborough Beach. First time visitors at The Yoga Garage are also offered 30 days of unlimited yoga and hot core Pilates for $59. Check them out for their hot vinyasa flow classes, Bikram, hot core Pilates, yin yoga and meditation. And drink up before your first class because you’re bound to sweat it all out on the mats!

Hot Yoga Perth The Yoga Garage

19 Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough

Original Hot Yoga Perth

Not only is Original Hot Yoga Perth close to the main city, it’s also one of the friendliest yoga clubs in the Perth area. There’s no better place to feel like you’ve joined a family of yoga lovers. Original Hot Yoga provides an impressive range of yoga classes. Try out their Bikram yoga, private classes, conditioning drills or advanced classes. They also offer pregnancy classes as well as clinical somatics for those who suffer from chronic pains and aches. Catch them on their $42 intro pass for 20 days.

179 Claisebrook Road, Perth

Urban OM

Like a side of coffee with your ritual sweatathon? Urban OM offers both as a yoga, Pilates and coffee studio. This yoga space is the perfect sweaty refuge from the noise of the city, while also being close to the heart of it. Try them out for their hot hatha and vinyasa classes, and enjoy the sweaty detox. A membership with them can also get you five free buddy passes a year if you have any friends wanting to dip a toe in the water without taking the full dive in.

Urban Om Perth

42 Bennett Street, East Perth

Hot For Yoga

This south-of-the-river yoga studio is pure Bikram yoga. So if you’ve got a hankering for heat, Hot For Yoga is the place for you. Prefer to practice at night? Hot For Yoga is one of the few yoga studios in Perth with classes dipping into 8PM. You can give this studio a try on their 25-day intro pass for $39. Their website also offers online classes so you can practice Bikram from the comfort of your own home. They even have a class on how to set up your home practice.

4/18 Biscayne Way, Jandakot

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Flow Space

Not only is Flow Space available both north and south of the river, but they have a 30-day introductory pass to both studios for just $49. If you’re looking for heat, then try out one of their hot yoga or flow classes. Looking for a cooler change up? Non-heated yin classes are available too. Rehydrate after your class with some of their free herbal tea and peruse their magazines. If online classes are more your thing, register on their website and enjoy fun classes like the “Double Espresso”: a yoga class for waking up your body.

Flow space

158A Vincent Street, North Perth
11b/248 Leach Highway, Myaree

Header image: The Yoga Garage