Last Train To Freo Returns To The Stage, Directed By Original Playwright, Reg Cribb

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After being born in 2019 it’s fair to say Fremantle Theatre Company has had a bumpy ride in its first years of existence, but with a mix of immense volunteering efforts and dedication to seeing West Aussie performers take the stage, its starting to make its mark on Perth’s creative scene.

After launching with international star Kate Walsh, the FTC is gearing up for their next season, called Wind In Our Sails, with a 20-year revival of the Patrick White Award-winning play “The Return”, by Perth’s own Reg Cribb.

If that doesn’t ring a bell for you, perhaps “Last Train To Freo” will – the thrilling 2006 Australian film based on Cribb’s play and directed by Jeremy Sims.

“The Return” will once again be retitled “Last Train To Freo” for Fremantle Theatre Company’s fresh edition of the work, with Cribb (pictured left, below) jumping in the directors chair for a limited run of shows from August 3-20.

FTC Last Train To Freo

“Last Train To Freo” is claustrophobically set in a Perth train compartment, where two misfits decide to take advantage of a guards strike and terrorise the cars occupants.

Influenced by Cribb’s own experience of loss, the play’s themes lend towards the ever-present violent element in society, and how the socially disenfranchised often feel on the outer within mainstream society.

Of course, as with any good written works, much of the discourse is as applicable today as it was 20 years ago, making this a must-see play for fans of the boards and Australian creative works.

Running for taught 80 minutes and featuring live music from Freo locals M.K.Ultrasound, you can learn more and grab tickets here.

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