Lush WA skincare brand ETTO is arriving at Karrinyup this week

Etto Skincare Karrinyup
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From the bush to the bathroom, West Australian skincare brand ETTO is harnessing the power of eucalyptus and tea tree oil.

WA born and bred founder Andrea Horwood has had an illustrious career – in the ’90s, she founded the magazine Australian Style, a seminal piece of fashion publishing in Australia, before later playing a key role in the founding of iconic local brands like Becca Cosmetics, Invisible Zinc and WelleCo.

Etto Skincare Karrinyup

“I was approached to run a feasibility study by farmers and producers of these unique Australian therapeutics, and it became clear very quickly that the product offering needed improvement to match the researched strengths and medicinal benefits of these oils,” said Horwood.

“The research showed incredible anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and antiseptic properties, and so the obvious move was to design a line of products around each of these benefits – and so we did.”

The result is a curated lineup of whole-body products that merge beauty with first aid – whether you’re a farmer or a facialist. This lineup includes a whipped cleansing foam that will soothe everything from flaky scalps to itchy feet, plus a no-muss-no-fuss spray that combines pure tea tree and eucalyptus oil – the same oils that ANZACs carried in their kits. Self-dissolving micro-dart acne patches deliver pure tea tree oil, hyaluronate and salicylic acid to spots, while a kaolin clay and tea tree mask clears pores, calms redness and reduces dryness. Stuffy noses are soothed by Forest Lungs steam inhalers and the power of eucalyptus oil steam.

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These high-performance oils are steam distilled from Blue Mallee eucalyptus trees sustainably and regeneratively grown on Warjarri country in Mid West WA, as well as a tea tree farm on Bundjalung country between Sydney and Brisbane.

“We believe in radical transparency and this filters through from soil to oil – from the farms to the
products on your shelf, to the way we operate as a business and communicate with our customers. The products speak for themselves and we’re looking forward to officially bringing the ETTO experience to the Australian market,” said Horwood.

Having launched in the United Kingdom last month, ETTO is now coming home to WA with their first ever physical shopfront at Karrinyup.

“The UK market have responded so positively to the products – it’s quite something for a new brand from Perth to launch with Sephora London, it usually takes years. So, the timing felt right to set up something a little more ‘physical’ right here in WA where we began the journey.”

ETTO’s Karrinyup store is scheduled to open on Thursday, July 6.