Meet the team behind Alchemy Saunas, who have five more locations on the way around WA!

Alchemy Saunas Perth
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Is there a sweeter, more energising feeling than jumping from a steaming-hot sauna into freezing cold water then back into the sauna?

Alchemy Saunas is a Perth-based company now operating Australia-wide, bringing the benefits of saunas to businesses, individuals and the general public with their unique designs operating in unique locations.

You may have noticed their first few public locations around Perth at Point Walter, East Fremantle, and most recently right on Port Beach in North Fremantle.

Alchemy Saunas Perth

So intrigued were we after stumbling across their Point Walter location earlier in the year that we got in touch with Alchemy Saunas’ director James Browne to find out a little more about the project, including some serious expansion plans for Western Australia.

Read on below, and head to Alchemy Saunas to book in your next sweat sesh today!

Alchemy Saunas Perth

Can you tell us a little about where the idea for Alchemy Saunas came from, in terms of their mobility and who they’re meant for?

It was serendipitous that our primary business was in high end residential construction and architecture. Using this knowledge base, we designed and built our first high end, luxury sauna to use with our family, friends and colleagues in 2016.

From around the same time, we were hitting Port and South Beach for early morning swims with a group of mates. We always wanted to pair the experiences together – of having an ocean swim and sauna combined. And thought it would be an awesome offering for the general public to get involved in as well. One arvo whilst sitting in the sauna, we brainstormed how we could bring this experience to the general public, at an affordable price point. And Alchemy Saunas was born.

We now have rentals Australia-wide where hotels, holiday parks, mining camps, gyms and leisure centres to name a few, can access the incredible health benefits associated with traditional sauna at a lease price point that is very affordable. The rental model then allowed us to set up our Alchemy owned locations which deliver on our vision bringing saunas to everyone, in breathtaking locations.

We’re thrilled that we’ve been able set up at our home Port Beach, where the dream started all those years ago.

Alchemy Saunas Perth

How do Alchemy Saunas differ from normal saunas people can find at gyms etc?

Any sauna is good if you are using one! Our saunas sit at 85-90c. At Alchemy Sauna venues we operate on a booking system to avoid overcrowding in the sauna. All our locations have a strong focus on experience, whether it be a stunning view or proximity to water to cool off.

Outside of making them for clients, where abouts have you popped up around Perth for the public to use?

All our locations are there to stay on a long-term basis, we offer a membership for keen users at $30 per week for unlimited use and for more casual users, $20 for an hour drop in. We are currently located at Port Beach North Fremantle, Point Walter Reserve Bicton and George Street East Fremantle.

Alchemy Saunas Perth

Do you have plans for other locations around Perth?

We have big plans for Alchemy! Aside from our locations above, we are soon to open South Fremantle, West Leederville, Whitfords, Busselton and Dunsborough. Our members will have the flexibility to be able to use any location at their leisure. We have several sites ear marked for expansion in the northern suburbs early 2024.

What are the major benefits of using a sauna?

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There is a large amount of research out on traditional sauna use, we believe Dr. Rhonda Patrick has the most comprehensive library in one place – right here.

Alchemy Saunas Perth

What’s the best way to use a sauna (post gym, with an ice bath or cold water nearby)?

Do your research first. Use the sauna to relax or step it up and chase some benefits through using the sauna more strategically around your workouts. Really anytime is a great time to use the sauna – it’s important to take it slowly and make sure you are well hydrated both before and after using the sauna.

For more info head to the Alchemy Saunas website.

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