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Words by Jenny Miraudo.

We’re all comfortable with the visiting rules when meeting a friend’s new bebe: wash your hands, don’t rock up unwell (or smelling like the fragrance counter at Myer) and only accept a cuddle if offered. However, finding the perfect gift for new parents is another thing altogether. To be honest, the bleary-eyed parents probably aren’t hankering for another onesie or Sofie Le Giraffe. Expand your search and look to the suite of Perth companies offering nourishing and supportive options for new parents. And if you’re the new parent, forward this list onto your village (because it certainly takes one).

A week of meals from C Si Bon Gourmet, Cottesloe

The lovely staff at C Si Bon are onto a good thing. They release a menu of gourmet meals each week with a certain French flair, which are frozen and ready to heat whenever (helpful now that they’re answering to a new baby overlord). With an option to purchase a voucher or organise delivery, these meals are guaranteed to bring a smile to the tiredest of faces without so much as a fork to wash afterwards. For what it’s worth, parents don’t always need French cuisine to feel loved; leaving a pre-made meal at the door (without a pop-in) also speaks volumes.

A monthly picture book subscription from Paper Bird, Fremantle

A trip to Fremantle wouldn’t be complete without a stop in at Paper Bird. Do you have a child with a niche interest? You’ll find just the book here. Even better is their monthly book subscription. This can all be arranged online: simply select the age range for the subscription and voila: carefully curated, developmentally appropriate and seasonally matched books will magically appear each month.

A fruit and veg delivery from Fresh By 2 Sisters

Show you care with a luxurious delivery from the family-run Fresh By 2 Sisters. With one-off deliveries or a more regular subscription, you can arrange a mixture of fruit and vegetables to nourish and revive.

A Walky Talky Baby Subscription

We’ll just go ahead and say it: knowing what to do with a newborn and how to fill the time between feeds and naps is downright daunting. We’re told about tummy time, singing songs and even the benefits of sign language, but add a fair whack of sleep deprivation and the whole thing can feel very overwhelming. Thank goodness for Perth gems Alison and Chiara who specialise in paediatric movement and speech. Their Walky Talky Baby subscription is so carefully curated and features videos and guides about the best ways to interact with a bub.

A slab of brownies from Ox Rabbit

The sweet experts at Ox Rabbit do some wondrous things with butter and sugar. Their brownie boxes can be delivered and offer a medley of flavour combos. They make a perfect snack after 3am cluster feeds. We don’t want to be too bold, but their red velvet brownies could stop traffic.

Rachel Ranger post-birth skincare set for mums

Rachel Ranger has been a goddess on the Perth skincare scene for some time now. Specialising in functional skin nutrition matched to our hormonal phases, there is a range targeted at the mischievous things our biggest organ can get up to when pregnant or post-partum.

A weekend kit from This Little Pig Went to Market

Arrange a thoughtful kit from the joyful staff at This Little Pig Went to Market, grab some coffees and head over to your friends’ place (announced, of course). With locally sourced gourmet produce, these kits are a delight. The bacon and egg brioche rolls or a stack of passionfruit pancakes are just what the doctor ordered. Make sure you end the visit by doing the dishes and putting on a load of washing to solidify your status as the most supportive friend in history.

A subscription to Dr Kyla’s Baby Mealtimes

Dr Kyla is something of a celebrity among parents in Perth. An acclaimed paediatric dietician, she specialises in the art of baby-led weaning and supporting families to eat the same meal at the same time through her amazing online Baby Mealtimes Subscription. Gift this to the new parents in your life as a gesture of forbearance, as the time for purees and finger foods will soon be upon them.

A toddler hamper from The Play Room

If this is not your friend’s first rodeo, might we suggest shifting your attention to the dysregulated toddler by their side? Welcoming a new sibling is hard, so make the process a little easier by preparing a hamper of little “feeding gifts.” The idea is simple: wrap an assortment of small attention-absorbing presents a toddler can be instructed to open when their parents are busy with the newborn. The Play Room is the place for this and is an absolute treasure trove of toys. Looking for a pretend knight’s helmet? They’ve got you covered.

The Play Room

If the baby falls asleep on you, cancel your plans, settle in, and send those parents off for a shower and a nap

No financial outlay is needed for this one. If you happen to have the magic sleep-inducing touch, go nowhere. Do nothing. Sit perfectly still and let that baby (and its loving parents) rest.

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