The Permanent Jewellery Craze Taking Over Tik Tok Has Arrived To Perth

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If you’re well travelled when it comes to Tik Tok content, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across the latest must-have accessory doing the rounds – permanent jewellery, which at the time of publishing had over 2.4b views. It might sound strange and a little, well, permanent, but it’s actually super safe, painless and a lot of fun.

Born in New York and Paris boutiques, forever jewellery has arrived in WA with the opening of The Lovers Permanent Jewellery Shop. Run by veteran New York jeweller Gina Lentinello, the pop-up shop is now accepting bookings for on-site zappings connecting forever bracelets.

So, how does it work exactly?

It’s pretty simple really – you choose your chain (starting from $88 including welding) from a range of 14k gold, gold-filled and sterling silver options. The metals are not only high quality and will last for years even after swims in the ocean and/or pool, but they’re delicate enough that you don’t need to worry about airport security gates.

Once you’ve picked the chain, the bracelet/anklet/necklace is measured to fit and soldered shut with a unique/painless welding process. All up it only takes around 30 minutes and – we feel like cheating a bit saying this – but if you do get sick of it you can simply cut it off.

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Permanent Jewellery Perth

It’s a fun experience to share with friends or significant others, the idea originally born from friendship bracelets: “I was looking for a way to show commitment between friends. Couples have engagement rings, I wanted to create something with sentimental meaning that will last forever,” says Lentinello.

Upcoming pop-up dates for November are:

November 20: 10am – 4pm
November 21: 11am – 3pm
November 27: 10am – 4pm
November 28: 11am – 3pm

Cool, sentimental and forever sparkly, for more information and to make a booking head to, or follow The Lovers on Facebook and Instagram.