Perth’s best date spots with the late night lothario, Rose KB

ROSE [LIVE] Encore at the Rechabite, Rose KB Perth
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Our dreams have come true! Performer, matchmaker and all-round fun loving gal, Rose KB is taking us on a wild ride of date night inspo…

The Perth comedian had a sell-out season at FRINGE WORLD, taking home the gong for Emerging Artist of the Year 2024 – and since then, she’s been popping up all over town with her high-octane hijinks and chaotic cupid energy all over town. You can catch her at the Rechabite on May 31, when she brings back her award-winning show ROSE [LIVE] for a one-night-only encore.

Connie’s Rooftop

“IMO the most romantic place in town – pretend you’re Carrie Bradshaw, smoking cigs against the skyline having D&Ms with strangers, getting barged into each other’s arms in the thoroughfare. Go either before or after the line. Then kick on to 24 Hour Pho for healing meals, alcoholic milkshakes, and the most patient waiters in town.”

ROSE [LIVE] Encore at the Rechabite, Rose KB Perth Best Date Ideas Connections Rooftop

Groove Karaoke Thursdays at Johnny Fox’s

“Get there early for happy hour, become indoctrinated to the karaoke family, including the ‘oldest teenager in Northbridge’ Sylvia, then have some solidarity with your date the next day when you’re both hungover at work shaking your head and smiling sweetly at your desk about your duet no one listened to, OR…”

Voodoo Lounge

If you don’t have work tomorrow, cross the street to Voodoo Lounge. Phones aren’t allowed so you can connect like the good old days. Also you can see how generous they are with their wallet, tipping is a virtue.

IKEA Fridays

“They have many deals on late night Friday’s including 50% off meals (those moreish melting meatballs and mystery sauce also come with a veggie-friendly option). Promenade through the aisles of domesticity and picture your future life together. I stole the idea from a friend so don’t everyone go there at once, thanks for understanding + TGIF!”

Rendezvous Hotel

“Go to Scarborough and pretend you are in the Goldie. Head to the Peach Pit for a fishbowl cocktail or frozé. Cross the street and go for a midnight dip, maybe skinny dip, then if things are going well, book a room at the Rendezvous Hotel, wake up the next day surrounded by fake rocks and daiquiris. They have massive markets on a Thursday if your date is a foodie. Otherwise steer clear of Thurs crowds, and also weekends.”


“I had a toy boy from Freo once, we were doing long distance. We sat on South beach and drank a Cooper’s Green then I drove him back to his parents house.”

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South Beach, Fremantle


“A classic date spot. Delicious Japanese food, warm atmosphere and good liquor on offer. I got made fun of on a date here once because everything I ordered was sour in taste. Sometimes your date will see you more than you see yourself. In the fun East end of the CBD – the real golden triangle is Jigoro, Myplace & Retro Bar. If your date has ‘Art’ as an interest on their profile go gallery hopping at nearby spots Sweet Pea, Lightworks & Cool Change.

Perth CBD best restaurants, Jigoro, Hifumiya

Cleopatra’s Temple

“Get a couples milk bath and massage. No spoilers just trust me. Also only a 4 min drive from Adventure World so you could go there before or after, either way you’ll already be wet.”

ROSE [LIVE] Encore at the Rechabite, Rose KB Perth Best Date Ideas Cleopatra's Temple Day Spa

Hyde Park & Takeaway

“Order some cheap takeaway containers from cheap and cheerful Indonesian spot Manise, if you befriend the owner she also does tax returns. Make sure to grab some takeaway cutlery and sit in Hyde Park under the shade (inb4 shot hole bora).”

Go see a show!

“Trialling your date’s sense of humour and penchant for adventure is THE most important test. Especially chaotic shows with some light audience participation to see them sweat just a little. Possibly like my show ROSE [LIVE] on next Friday 31 May at the Rechabite – for one night only – its got humour, TV, chaos, magic, sensual performance art as well as a Rooftop Party afterwards. Just credit me in your vows.”

ROSE [LIVE] Encore at the Rechabite, Rose KB Perth Best Date Ideas

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