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Whether you’re trying to level-up your training recovery, address some aches and pains, or achieve a new level of zen, cryotherapy and ice baths are both proven to have a whole range of health benefits. Ready to chill out? Here are the best places in Perth for cryotherapy and ice baths.

Perth Cryo

This family-owned business opened at the start of 2023, and they’ve been keeping the northern suburbs appropriately chilled out ever since! The state of the art Perth Cryo facility offers not just whole body and localised cryotherapy, but other high-tech treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared therapy and saunas, compression therapy and full body lymphatic rolling. They’ve even had world-class athletes and performers in for a session – including UFC champ Yair Rodriguez and a pre-performance 50 Cent.

Unit 10/1 Hobsons Gate, Currambine 

MindBody Lounge

The MindBody Lounge has been created to help people achieve balance and performance throughout seven elements of optimisation: “Mind, oxygen, movement, nutrients, cold, heat and compression.” A visit to this high-tech wellness spot gives you access to: whole-body cryotherapy, infrared saunas, theralight therapy, a pressurised oxygen therapy, Lymphatic Body compression therapy and brain-tapping audio programs. A wellness journey exploration at its finest.

Perth's best cryotherapy and ice baths, Mind Body Lounge Vic Park

484 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Rec Lab

Never felt the chill of an ice bath or plunge before? Rec Lab is the perfect spot to start: with not only premium facilities but expert guidance to make sure you get the maximum results from your dip, from a pre-plunge breathwork session to safety and more breathing techniques, and finishing with a series of a series of Ti Chi inspired movements to warm you back up.

137 Walter Road West, Dianella

Body for Life

Body for Life is serious about setting you up for success, with a huge array of high-tech, integrated wellness options all under one roof – from massage and physio to infrared saunas, pulse recovery boots and ice baths, to full body hyper cooling cryotherapy! This broad range of wellness solutions means they can tackle it all, whether you’re hoping to improve your recovery time between training sessions, improve your stress levels or move past an injury.

3/676 Beeliar Drive, Success

Vitality House

West Leederville’s luxe member’s-only Vitality House aims to revolutionise coworking, offering a combination of amenities that merges life and work, utilising strategies that put wellbeing above all else. Alongside a stylish coworking lounge, members will be able to take advantage of an on-site masseuse and skin professional, private meditation room, three infrared saunas, ice baths, steam showers, naturopath and herbal medicine apothecary, unlimited yoga, pilates and breathwork classes, and exclusive access to their movement and cardio fitness studio.

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4 Southport Street, West Leederville

Clear Mind Studio

An urban retreat for the mind, at Clear Mind Studio you’ll find more calm, balance and happiness than ever before. Floatation therapy, massage, yoga, pilates, meditation and infrared saunas all under one roof. As well as ice bath and Finnish sauna packages, they also offer a package to help you escape for the day which includes a day of unlimited classes, a 60 minute massage, 60 minute float, 45 minute infrared sauna and, tea and chocolates in the tea lounge…

835 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

Helix House

Helix House’s two lush studios take hot and cold therapy to a new level, with premium infrared saunas and top of the line, Australian-made cold plunge baths that are kept at a balmy 6 to 10 degrees celsius – the perfect temperature to get the maximum chill without freezing.

Perth's best cryotherapy and ice baths, Helix House, Cottesloe, Victoria Park

Clapham Lane, Cottesloe
249B Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Re-Boot Collective

Re-Boot Collective will not only help you tackle your fitness goals, but help you feel rejuvenated, relaxed and recovered from your training. As well as the gym, this North Perth facility includes ice baths, float tanks (including Perth’s first dry float tanks), red light therapy, infrared saunas and a traditional Taiwanese massage therapist on-site.

18 Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth

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Ember Bath House

Within the industrious streets of Osborne Park, tucked away within a row of warehouses, you’ll find an unexpected delight. An oasis of calmness and tranquility, and a sanctuary away from the demands of life. Ember Bath House seeks to bring the ritual of bathing to the people of Perth, offering a signature signature Hammam Ritual inspired by the baths of Morocco that includes intensive black argan oil exfoliation, a rhassoul clay mask and a relaxing neck, shoulder and foot massage.

Alongside the signature Hammam Ritual, you’ll find restorative offerings like ice baths, hot mineral baths and Finnish sauna, plus a menu of treatments to leave you feeling restored – from Ayurvedic massages and Udvartana body scrubs to nurturing pregnancy massages or glowing facials.

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4B Donovan Street, Osborne Park

Cold Nips

The legends at Cold Nips live by the mantra meet, splash, vibe – gathering at early, ungodly hours to plunge into the freezing cold ocean en masse. Not only is it a darn good time, the physical and mental benefits of cold water therapy are countless – especially when you add in the excellent, impeccable vibes of a group of like-minded and welcoming new friends, all taking the plunge together. While the early morning ocean is often cold enough, if you really want to take it to a new, chilly level, they also host extra special sessions that include ice baths, breathwork and more.

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