Sweet (small) relief: Rain and potential thunderstorms forecast for Perth this week

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Perth’s endless summer looks like it’ll be taking a short break this week, with rain and thunderstorms forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), we’re set for some serious rainfall tomorrow (Tuesday), with a 95% chance of around 2-15mm throughout the day.

There’s also the chance of a thunderstorm, with strong northeasterly winds shifting northerly and easing throughout the day.

We can expect similar conditions on Wednesday and Thursday, with rainfall easing throughout the week.

And while we may be getting a little rainfall relief, temperatures will remain in the mid- to high-20s all week.

Tomorrow’s potential weather event comes only a couple of weeks after Perth’s northern suburbs were smashed by a freak storm and flash flooding.

Earlier this month BOM released its official forecast for Australia’s upcoming winter, declaring WA had a 70% chance of this winter being amongst the hottest 20% on record, with rainfall expected to be lower than the median.

Monday 29 April:
Max 27. Sunny with easterly winds.

Tuesday 30 April:
Max 25. Cloudy with high chance of showers, east/northeasterly winds, chance of a thunderstorm.

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Wednesday 1 May:
Max 28. Partly cloudy with high chance of showers, northeasterly winds.

Thursday 2 May:
Max 28. Cloud with medium chance of showers, northeasterly winds tending easterly.

Friday 3 May:
Max 26. Partly cloudy with slight chance of shower, light southeasterly winds.

Saturday 4 May:
Max 24. Partly cloud with southeasterly winds, tending southwesterly.

Sunday 5 May:
Max 25. Mostly sunny with easterly winds