12 Of Perth’s Best Wedding Florists For Your Big Day’s Blooms

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Rose and Bud
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We’re obsessed with blooms any day of the week, but your wedding is the day you can really kick things up a notch. Here are some of our favourite Perth wedding florists to create your magical floral masterpiece.


If we’re being quite honest, we’re pretty into Freakhaus‘ events. Like, really into them. Florists turned full event planners and stylists, these are the guys for you if you don’t mind a little rule-breaking. Think dark and mysterious, pops of neon, disco balls glimmering under a cascade of florals, smoke machines and milk crates. It’s a bit goth, a bit disco, a bit romantic, 100% cool. Obsessed.

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, Freakhaus

Photo by @flossyphoto, via @freakhaus_

Rose + Bud

Romantic, wild, abundant – these blooms will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. Since starting out in 2014, the team have gone from strength to strength, arriving at a distinctive style while being able to switch between dreamy neutrals and neon pops of colour: Rose + Bud can do it all.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Rose and Bud

Photo by @samanthasimone_photography, via @rose.and.bud

The Flower Girl

The Flower Girl calls her designs evocative, earthy and dishevelled… but we think there’s more than a splash of glamour in there, too. Specialising in dried arrangements, whether they’re fresh or preserved – they’ll be the perfect balance of boho luxe.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, The Flower Girl

Photo via @theflowergirlperth

Scape By S

Just because Scape By S is passionate about sustainability, it doesn’t mean her floral arrangements aren’t lavish and luxurious. Sculptural and dramatic in style, they also manage to keep a sense of romance and whimsy.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Scape by S

Photo by @thedayweddings, via @scape_by_s

The Wildflower

Self-styled floral engineer Alicia Lowe has become one of Perth’s most in-demand florists through her unique wedding and event installs. Whether your vibe is dark and moody or neon demon, these are high-end flowers that will truly make a statement.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, the Wildflower

Photo via @the_wildflower_perth

Sir Botanical

Brides looking for something different, look no further: this Freo based florist is creating some truly innovative floral designs. From white-on-white, lavish neutral arrangements to rich, jewel-toned palettes, Sir Botanical‘s florals have a thoroughly modern sensibility.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Sir Botanical

Photo by @keepercreative, via @sir_botanical

Wallflower Studio

Perhaps you’re a bit more of a traditionalist at heart, looking for a floral design that will stand the test of time? Steph Wall’s classic-but-still-cool arrangements will make any bride swoon. Check out her instagram to see crisp whites, delicate blushing pinks and lush greenery in bountiful, cascading bouquets.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Wallflower Studio

Photo by @ridhwaanmoolla, via @wallflowerperth

Wildwood Floral

When Jane of Wildwood Floral describes her arrangements as wildly romantic, she couldn’t be more spot-on. Classic with a twist, these organically arranged flowers will make you feel like you should be in a forest somewhere, or maybe a field – wherever you are, there’s definitely a baby animal or two following you around. This is the kind of transformative quality that really adds a bit of magic to special events.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Wildwood Floral

Photo by @shootmejimmy, via @wildwoodfloralperth

Matthew Landers

Matthew Landers (and that’s Matthew, not Matt!) really needs no introduction. One of Perth’s premier florists – Matthew Landers has accrued an impressive online following not just for his floral skills but for his signature tea-kettle-laugh-inducing Instagram stories. But his luxurious floral installations are no joke: lavish and timeless, you’re sure to be wowed.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Matthew Landers

Photo by @katedrennanphotography, via @matthewlanders

Signature Floral Design

Signature Floral Design‘s Annaliese Maffescioni creates richly textural, layered explosions of florals. Bold in colour, uniqueness and extravagance, while they often have an organic, carefree aesthetic, she is committed to making sure every arrangement is absolutely perfected – with every flower precisely placed.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Signature Floral Design

Photo by @kittyloveslove, via @signaturefloraldesign

Maple & Wren

It’s evident in their bespoke florals that Maple & Wren have a huge enthusiasm for creating something uniquely perfect for you. From an everyday celebration to a lavish event, they can put together not just stunning florals – but take care of all your event’s styling needs.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Maple and Wren

Photo by @adamlevibrownephotography, via @mapleandwren

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Studio Rexx

Ok, so you’ve seen these and thought – well those are pretty, but still not quite unique enough for me. Don’t worry, we’ve got Studio Rexx in our back pocket, for just this occasion. Having begun in London, and recently relocated back to Perth, Studio Rexx is boundary-pushing in the best way possible. Unconventional arrangements are created for events using only Australian-grown flowers, but with a global sensibility.

Perth's Best Wedding Florists, Studio Rexx

Photo via @studio.rexx

Header image by @cjwilliams_photography, via @rose.and.bud