8 Perth Stylists To Help You Create Your Dream Wedding Vibes

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, Tiffany Keal Creative Studio
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You’ve popped the question, you’ve got (or given) a yes… What next? There’s a lot to plan for your upcoming nuptials, and it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Why not let a trusted professional take the reigns? Here are a few of Perth’s top event stylists to make your big day as beaut as you.

Pop Up Planning Co.

Pop Up Planning Co. specialises in gorgeous events for clients who make their own rules – refined and elegant, yet a little undone. Working with the best vendors in the industry, their events run the gamut from bright, casual, technicolour lunches to dark and moody formal dinners: whichever end of the spectrum yours falls, you know that it will be totally unique.

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, Pop Up Planning Co.

Photo by @christinelimm, via @popupplanningco

Bertie Does

Boutique event studio Bertie Does is all about pushing the boundaries and making the most of a celebration – after all, life is short! One part sophisticated, one part fun, one part edgy; these are events that are all stylish.

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, Bertie Does

Photo by @vargamurphy, via @bertie_does

The Original Wedding Company

The Original Wedding Company have been in the styling and planning game since 2006, so they’re well-versed in what makes an event both look good, and run smoothly. With a focus on abundant, luxe and yet laid back style, the stylists at Original Wedding Company will have your event looking fab without breaking a sweat.

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, Original Wedding Co

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If we’re being quite honest, we’re pretty into Freakhaus‘ events. Like, really into them. Florists turned full event planners and stylists, these are the guys for you if you don’t mind a little rule-breaking. Think dark and mysterious, pops of neon, disco balls glimmering under a cascade of florals, smoke machines and milk crates. It’s a bit goth, a bit disco, a bit romantic, 100% cool. Obsessed.

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, Freakhaus

Photo by @flossyphoto, via @freakhaus_

Tiffany Keal Creative Studio

Tiffany Keal‘s events are packed to the brim with modern romanticism. Each element is carefully considered, coming together to create an environment your guests will be wowed and engaged by. Fresh and cohesive, lavish while keeping it restrained – it’s a balancing act that is achieved with aplomb.

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, Tiffany Keal

Photo by @ridhwaanmoolla, via @tiffanykeal_cs

Parties Made Pretty

If you want to inject your wedding with a real sense of fun, you can’t really go past Parties Made Pretty. We could say they’re experts at balloon garlands, but that feels a little simplistic: these are more than just a couple of balloons twisted together. Epic arches, giant clouds of colour, explosive shapes – they’re a real show stopper. Of course, they don’t just do balloons, these guys offer a full event styling service, too.

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, Parties Made Pretty

Blonde and Blue

If you’re after something a bit more classic, Blonde and Blue are masters at melding the traditional with a contemporary twist. With an impeccable attention to detail, they add a little magic to all their events.

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, Blonde and Blue

Photo by @derayandsimcoe.weddings, via @blondeandbluestyling

White Events

If you’re in love with a lavish, larger than life, elegant extravaganza? White Events has got you covered. With a totally luxurious vibe, the team’s decades of experience in events has meant a total dedication to quality – both in their services and the suppliers they connect with.

Perth's Best Wedding Stylists, White Events

Photo by @teneilkablephoto, via @white_events

Header image taken by @ridhwaanmoolla, via @tiffanykeal_cs