The must visit op-shops in the South West

The best op shops in the South West region, Donnybrook
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WA’s South West has its fair share of must dos; wineries, bakeries, craft breweries to name a few. But on that list for your next trip south, there should be a few op-shops.

The South West’s thrift scene is rich with pre-loved goodies, and in some instances a little less rummaged through and explored than urban stores. South West op-shops offer a surprising range of vintage and contemporary fashion, trinkets, cookware and records, among plenty of other worthy goods.

You’ll find op-shops from Cape to Cape, from small and charming to expansive and well-stocked, but no matter which part of the South West you’re visiting, you’re likely to come across an op-shop that impresses. Here’s the best op-shops in the South West we think are worth a visit next time you’re around.

Words and photos by Jono Outred

The Flying Wardrobe

The Flying Wardrobe is a retro labyrinth and it’s probably not on many op-shoppers’ radar given its small-town location – 20 minutes out of Margaret River – and the fact it isn’t affiliated with the more popular organisations. The offering within, however, is an op-shoppers dream. You’ll find good quality used records and eccentric kitchenware and crockery, tools and noteworthy books here. Trinkets and knick-knacks line the shelves with vintage and quirky being the focus, while when it comes to records and books, digging deep may pay dividends. The flying Wardrobe is quite large, so a fly-by look around won’t cut it here, you’ll want to set aside some time to properly explore this haven of pre-loved goods.

10411 Bussell Highway, Witchcliffe

St. Mary’s Op-shop

St. Mary’s is a humble op-shop that prioritises affordability. It’s a little off the main precinct of Busso, but still entirely accessible. The St. Mary’s team work hard to source and sort quality goods and the result is a store that is exceptionally well presented and full to the brim of hidden gems. You’ll find the converted house a maze of treasures, including the back shed that houses kitchenware, books and records. Inside, there’s homewares, vintage crockery and glassware galore plus some electronics, and that’s all before you’ve even hit the clothing; among the racks, expect to find some well-kept vintage items. The service here is always above and beyond, too, with passionate staff more then willing to help out.

The best op shops in the South West region, St Mary's Busselton

47 Peel Terrace, Busselton

Margaret River Lions

The Margaret River Lions Shed is an institution, stacked to the rafters with every kind of pre-loved good you can think of. Over the years, it’s developed a reputation among backpackers who call Margaret River home during grape-harvesting season as the perfect spot to top up on affordable supplies, and a good place to return those supplies when they continue their adventures. Furniture, clothing, kitchenware and sporting goods make up the bulk of the collection, but a space for electronics including cameras, hi-fi equipment and vintage appliances is also worth a poke around. The team at the Margaret River Lions club are exceptionally friendly and helpful when it comes to striking deals or offering a hand to pop your goodies into your car boot. They only operate on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, so a good tip is to arrive early, as lines will form and there will be Black Friday style stampedes when the doors finally open…

12 Burton Road, Margaret River

Donnybrook Community Op-shop

There’s a chance you’ve never heard of Donnybrook, but the small town is a productive one, being at the centre of the state’s apple growing industry. The town has a couple of op-shops, among plenty of other things to do, but the Donnybrook Community Op-shop stands out with quite a collection to peruse. Expect the standard offerings when it comes to clothing, but keep your eyes peeled for surprising finds when browsing vintage furniture, art, books and kitchenware. The Donnybrook Community Op-shop offers a local collection and decluttering service as well, a valuable service to assist local families and a good way to ensure valuable, pre-loved goods find a new home.

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The best op shops in the South West region, Donnybrook

37 South Western Highway, Donnybrook

Vinnies Manjimup

Manjimup is best known for its expensive, gourmet truffles, but those pungent fungi aren’t the only goodies hiding in the small regional town. The local Vinnies is a store clearly run with a bit of pride behind it, small but noticeably tidy and well organised, and stocked with good quality wares. While Manjimup is a small town there’s only a couple of op-shops and donations are spread evenly, meaning there’s a very good chance of finding something of value. Clothes here are particularly of note with vintage streetwear and well-known fashion labels found within, good quality crockery of vintage and modern styles, books and boardgames are also well represented.

112 Giblett Street, Manjimup

Busselton Salvation Army Thrift Shop

Busselton is a bustling tourist town, so it has its fair share of op-shops. By no means is this a bad thing, but the supply and distribution of goods can vary depending on the towns surging or declining number of visitors at different points of the year. The Salvation Army does plenty of good for the community and purchases here ensure your money goes back into helping locals. The store itself is well stocked and you’ll find a solid array of designer clothes from known surf and street brands here, along with good quality kid’s clothes. There’s a small ranging of furniture, footwear and plenty of books to thumb through as well, meaning a visit here might yield some literary fodder for your next trip down South!

The best op shops in the South West region, Busselton Salvation Army

94 Kent Street, Busselton