Meet Wanneroo’s Local Doers: Daniela Van Wyk from Hello Wanneroo

Town Team Local Doers Daniela Van Wyk Hello Wanneroo
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We like to bang on about how great (or rather, OK!) Perth is – but our greatness doesn’t just happen out of nowhere!

With a mission to create thriving, connected and empowered communities, Town Team Movement is all about “doers”.

We’re partnering up with Town Team Movement so we can shine a light on some of the people who help make our communities so unique, and just a few of the excellent initiatives they’re working on.

This week, we’re featuring Daniela Van Wyk, one of the brains behind Hello Wanneroo, one of Wanneroo’s local Town Teams.

Town Team Local Doers Daniela Van Wyk Hello Wanneroo

Could you introduce yourself briefly, telling us about your role and what you’re involved in?

I’m Daniela, the owner of Times Up Escape Rooms. We currently operate in two locations: one here in Wanneroo and another in Bunbury. My focus is mainly on my businesses, but I’ve recently started getting more involved with our Hello Wanneroo group. We initially met about four or five years ago, but it’s only been in the past year that we’ve really kicked things into gear.

So, the initial meeting happened around four or five years ago?

Yes, it was prompted by Melissa Shaw from the City of Wanneroo who reached out to businesses in the area. We started meeting regularly, and through Melissa’s help, we realised we shared similar needs and aspirations for the area. That’s when we decided to take action rather than just discussing ideas.

What hindered you from taking action earlier?

Bureaucracy was a major hurdle. We had plenty of ideas but felt overwhelmed by the paperwork and processes involved. However, last year, spurred on by Mel, we organised an Easter event, which turned out to be simpler than expected. The positive feedback boosted our confidence to pursue further initiatives.

What do you believe Wanneroo needs, and how can the Town Team help achieve it?

We need spaces that encourage people to linger in the town centre, especially at night when lighting is inadequate. Whether it’s seating areas or improved lighting, creating inviting spaces is crucial. Additionally, a safer walking path would benefit the community by making the area more accessible.

Besides the Easter hunt, have there been any other actions towards enhancing infrastructure?

We’re still in the brainstorming phase. The area around Rocca Way, with its colourful benches, is a potential focus for improvement. However, as it’s city-owned land, any changes require collaboration with the council, which adds another layer of complexity.

Town Team Local Doers Daniela Van Wyk Hello Wanneroo

Does the Town Team Movement provide a structure for achieving these goals?

Absolutely. The resources and support available through the Town Team Movement are invaluable. Learning from other town teams’ experiences and seeking advice from the hub has been instrumental in our progress.

What challenges do you face besides bureaucracy?

Keeping everyone informed and engaged, especially when scheduling meetings or events, is challenging. Additionally, navigating the boundaries of what we can and cannot do within the community requires experience and knowledge.

What’s next for Hello Wanneroo?

We’re planning another Easter event and progressing with our collaboration with the local museum to incorporate historical elements into our initiatives.

How does the Town Team engage with the Wanneroo community?

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Our challenge is raising awareness and involvement among locals. Many residents are unaware of the businesses and activities available in the area. Enhancing infrastructure and promoting community spaces can help bridge this gap.

Lastly, what role does community-focused mindset play within the Town Team?

It’s crucial. By prioritising community needs over individual interests, we can foster a more inclusive and vibrant town centre. Without this mindset, our efforts would be less effective in bringing about positive change.

Town Team Local Doers Daniela Van Wyk Hello Wanneroo

Want to get involved and become a doer in your own community? Head to the Town Team Movement website to learn more.

Photography and interview by Ophélie Barbeauedited by Perth is OK!