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Time To Pop The Question? This Perth Jeweller Is Giving Away A Crown Staycay With Every Engagement Ring Sold This Month

bySally Hall
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V-day is nearly upon us and we don’t know about you, but we think love is truly in the air! If you’re getting all…swept up in the romance of things, perhaps it’s crossed your mind to maybe ask a certain question? 

Call us traditionalists, but we like to think if a special question is being asked, it’s nice if there’s something sparkly involved – no matter who’s doing the asking! And what if you were to make it even more special with a luxe staycation?

When it comes to diamonds, WA’s Diamond Collective are shaking things up. With over 15 years of experience, Diamond Collective are here to hold your hand through a process that’s as crystal clear as their diamonds.

Perth's Diamond Collective Are Giving Away A Crown Staycation With Each Engagement Ring Sold In February

Parys and Katie will help you design a bespoke piece and because diamonds are purchased especially for your order, overhead expenses are minimised – meaning you can get your dream diamond for much less. Once you’ve finalised your design, you’ll get to see it in detail with a custom 3D rendering, so you can be totally confident in the final product – which will be created by a master craftsman right here in Perth.

As well as this innovative process, Diamond Collective can also offer some stunning lab grown diamonds. Indistinguishable from natural diamonds, they are grown in laboratory conditions that replicate the pressure and heat that creates mined diamonds. Lab diamonds, however, are a fraction of the cost so you can increase carat size for a lesser price.

To make your engagement even more special, Diamond Collective are adding on a one night stay at Crown with every single engagement ring purchased in February…

To organise your consultation (or have a peep at some pretty things!) head to the Diamond Collective website HERE.