Jims Laundry Service Perth

Take A Load Off Baby! Win Six Months Of Free Washing Thanks To Jim’s Laundry

byPerth Is OK Staff
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Let’s be honest – nowadays, who’s got the time to get their washing done?

Our days are filled with so much chaos and go-go-go that we don’t always have time to do simple household chores, and that’s where Jim’s Laundry Services comes in. They love the jobs you loathe and are fussy laundry professionals ready to take on your washing to free up your precious time so you can spend it where it matters most – doing the things you love.

Jims Laundry Service Perth

It’s simple too: a local team of laundry experts will take a load off your hands – from your doorstep, office, uni or even your hotel or holiday home – and they deliver it right back to you washed, dried and folded. Plus, if you’re in a hurry, you can select the express service option and get your threads back the same day. Simply call 131 546 or visit their Website to book.

These days, people are outsourcing plenty of time-consuming household tasks in an effort to carve out some precious family time.  Whether it’s mowing the lawns, cleaning your house or even preparing meals for the week, so why not the laundry as well?

So, if you find yourself time-poor and feeling overwhelmed with your busy schedule, or if your machine is on the fritz or even if you just want to avoid the dreaded post-holiday laundry catchup, Jim’s Laundry Services can help.


We are so jazzed with Jim’s taking control of our laundry situation that we’ve teamed up with them to offer you one free service! Simply head to the Jim’s Laundry Services CONTACT PAGE, fill out your details and put “PERTH IS OK” in the message field – It’s as easy as that!*

PLUS if you do claim one of the free bags of washing using our code, you’ll automatically go in the draw to win one large bag of laundry washed, dried and folded weekly for six months (including free pickup and delivery) thanks to Jim’s Laundry Services.

*You must live in Perth or surrounding suburbs and be over 18 years old. A large bag is approximately 12kg (two standard laundry baskets).

This article is sponsored by Jim’s Laundry Service and very happily endorsed by us. Please see our Editorial Policy for more info.