Trash Classics Returns To Luna Leederville For Season 2 in 2022

Trash Classics Makes Its Triumphant Return To Luna Leederville For Season 2

bySally Hall
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We consider ourselves some pretty high-brow cinephiles, but that doesn’t mean we’re not on board for a bit of trash every now and then! Luckily for us, Trash Classics is making its triumphant return, bringing the spirit of the VHS back to Luna Leederville for another season.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and things will be kicking off this Friday, January 27 with a screening of the original video game turned movie and box-office bomb turned cult favourite Street Fighter. As well as the iconic Muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van Damme, the film also features an iconic performance by our very own Kylie Minogue.

Trash Classics Returns To Luna Leederville For Season 2 in 2022

The season will also include so-bad-it’s-good favourites like The Wicker Man (the version with Nicolas Cage, obviously), Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion serving up their signature businesswomen’s special, and a return to John Water’s particular brand of cult craziness with Polyester, plus many more. Each screening has the chance to win some unique prizes that’ll have cult movie lovers excited, plus there’ll be some trash-inspired drink specials and snacks at the bar.

Hosted and curated by Tristan Fidler, from RTRFM’s Movie Squad and Luna’s The Room screenings, each screening is sure to be a masterclass of cheesiness, and a communal experience of everything that makes these cult faves so darn watchable!

To grab your tickets, head to the Luna website HERE.