Need A Gift For Someone Special? The Perth Mint’s Luxury Jewellery Range Is Flush With Beautiful Pieces

byTroy Mutton
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The Perth Mint is Australia’s oldest operating mint – a fully operational, fully integrated precious metals enterprise, supplying premium gold, silver and platinum to the world.

And along with being a great place to go on tours exploring WA’s unique golden history, it also has a stunning range of jewellery that connects buyers to golden tales of Australia with designs from around the country.

Rather than just buying a standard piece of jewellery for someone special, The Perth Mint provides the opportunity to find something with a story to tell, one that’s connected to Australia’s unique, raw and rugged landscapes.

Take for instance The Perth Mint’s range of Argyle Pink Diamond jewellery from the stunning Kimberley region in our state’s northwest. The Perth Mint is one of only a few carefully chosen ateliers for these rare jewels, ones that have only become rarer since the mine’s Argyle mine’s closure in recent years.

An equally coveted jewel from the northern parts of Australia, Allure South Sea Pearls are internationally regarded as some of the rarest and most prestigious in the world. And if you’re not heading up to Broome this season The Perth Mint is one of only a few Allure pearl stockists in WA.

Featuring a very distinct lustre and incredible strength that can last for generations, they’re just about only thing that rivals the beauty of that stunning part of WA’s coastline.

To check out The Perth Mint’s full jewellery range and organise a viewing, head to their JEWELLERY BOUTIQUE now.