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    While we recently went on a little deep dive into some of Perth’s awesome vintage shops (check it HERE), we’re yet to go on a serious hunt to find Perth’s best op shops.

    There’s plenty of them out there (which makes for a daunting task), but it’s fair to say the further out you head, the better gear you’re likely to find.

    Fortunately for us the task of finding Perth’s greatest op shops was made that little bit easier today by Reddit user (and local legend) 12es51 on the r/perth subreddit (also a bunch of local legends).

    They’ve created an editable Google Map showing Perth’s “Op Shop Hot Spots”, that is, places with three or more op shops within walking distance of each other!

    We’re looking forward to getting stuck into this map over the coming weekend/weeks and months, and reckon there’s plenty of you out there who’ll find it pretty darn useful as well!

    Header image via St Vincent De Paul.