10 of the Best Ross Lyon Quotes of All Time

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1. “I’m not sure what all the hoopla is about, to be honest, but that’s just the town we live in. We’ve got that many content providers and not many people to provide the content, so that’s just the way we roll here. I understand The West Australian is a bit thinner than it was previously, but that’s OK, we’re all under pressure.”

2. “Let the cobblers do the cobbling.”

3. “That’s the best question you can come up with after two hours of footy? You’re quite brilliant, Shane. Yep, terrific.”

4. You can’t just roll along and all have a milkshake and pretend everything is hunky-dory when you’re not giving us output.”

5. “It’s never as bad or as good as it seems.”

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6. “The Eagles could be on the moon. They don’t interest me at all.”

7. “It’s tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper.”

8. “I thought it was unusual (CEO) Steve (Rosich) wasn’t there, so I thought ‘Oh, Steve’s in trouble’. And then I thought I’ll ring my lawyer because I might be in trouble. I thought it was either one or two of us (being sacked), so it was two of us.”

9. “You can’t head down to Hay St and buy confidence, can you? There’s no confidence shop.”

10. “I couldn’t have worked any harder.. the ride is worth the fall… I don’t take it personally.”