20Talk Launches “Burpee Thirty” Challenge, Raising Money For Youth Mental Health

20Talk Burpee Thirty Challenge
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If you’re not across local legends 20talk then we’re excited today to not only introduce you to this Perth-based youth mental health charity, but also a rad new initiative that they’ve just launched.

Aiming to educate and provide mental health tools to young adults that will aid them in tackling life’s challenges, the idea began when founders Leighton Bradfield and Lachlan O’Donoghue lost two close friends to suicide. Since their start in 2018, the young duo have gained an online audience of over 20,000, held 60+ workshops and organised numerous interactive mental health events.

Their social media education platform shares professional, lived experience and educational videos daily to their audience:

20Talk currently provides free Mental Health First Aid training online for young adults in Western Australia, teaching people how to deal with minor health concerns and to be effective first responders in a crisis before professional help arrives.

With funding being a major issue for the charity, 20talk has created a new fun fitness challenge called Burpee Thirty, designed to help you “Get Fit and Give Back”. The goal is to raise money for the expansion and increased awareness of education to young Australians.

Check out the @20_talk and @BurpeeThirty on Instagram to learn more and help raise money for youth suicide prevention. The Burpee Thirty challenge will run from the 1st until the 10th of December and participants will complete three minutes of burpees a day for ten days.

All money raised will go towards providing lower income earners with free two-day Mental Health First Aid scholarships ($300p/p), continuing 20talk’s interactive and social mental health events, and equipping 20talk with the necessary means to expand their online audience via advertising, staffing and new media equipment to educate beyond their 20,000+ following.

Head to the 20talk Website for more information.

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