A new exhibition celebrating artists living with disabilities has just opened in Fremantle

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Last Saturday saw the opening a brand new exhibition on display at the Western Australian Shipwrecks Museum in Fremantle, celebrating works from Rocky Bay Studio artists.

The exhibition, entitled “In The Garden” will be on display from now until October 15, features a diverse array of works across a variety of mediums and outlets, with all being created by artists living with disability.

“In The Garden” serves as a bridge between the world of art and the world of inclusivity, as the Rocky Bay studio is dedicated to supporting artists with diverse abilities,” says Rocky Bay’s Group Program Coordinator, Janaka McGeary.

“This exhibition is part of our dream for the wider community to foster an inclusive and accessible space where creativity knows no bounds.”

Rocky Bay is a disability support operating out of Perth across a number of locations aroun Perth, including Mosman Park where the art studio is based.

“Our dedicated team of artists, facilitators, and event planners worked tirelessly to curate a diverse and captivating collection,” says McGeary.

“When the community gives these artists the space to convey their perspectives on nature, life and beauty, both the artists and the community find themselves more enriched in belonging, understanding, creativity and enjoyment.”

The location is a fantastic opportunity to not only the artists on display, but take in WA’s rich maritime heritage.

“There’s nothing we at the Studio want to see more than these artists getting the acknowledgement they deserve for their beautiful art,” says McGeary.

“We are so happy to celebrate our wonderful artists, witnessing their talents recognised and appreciated by the community brings us a lot of joy.”

The museum is open 9.30am to 5pm daily and is free to enter, with a $5 donation encouraged.

Find out more about “In The Garden” via the WA Shipwrecks Museum website.

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