A Perth-Based Startup Is Powering The Next Gen In Online Gaming, Watch The Launch Event Tonight!

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In terms of online gaming, GeForce NOW (GFN) from American tech company and global leader in graphics processing technologies, NVIDIA, has been an absolute game changer. A cloud-gaming platform for PC gamers, GFN delivers real-time gameplay straight from the cloud to your laptop, desktop and/or mobile device, enabling you to connect to your store accounts and stream your own library of games, or play your favourite free-to-play games.

Thanks to sub-par Internet speeds down under, until recently it’s only been available to the American market – but that’s all about to change and the Aussie gaming world has Perth-based internet startup Pentanet to thank for it! As the newest member of the GeForce NOW Alliance, Pentanet is joining forces with NVIDIA to provide Australian gamers with access to GeForce NOW.

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“Launching GeForce NOW in Australia is just one part of our commitment to the digitisation of Australia, starting right here in Perth. Our team at Pentanet are proud gamers, and we founded the company on principles of providing outstanding internet service to players. It’s this commitment that helped forge an alliance agreement with NVIDIA.”

Things are moving fast, and tonight the team at Pentanet will be hosting a global online stream event to reveal just how the Australian GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet platform will function, along with opening up exclusive access to gamers to be part of the beta testing program, a timeline for release and much more.

If you’ve come this far and are still a little lost as to what this all means, you can kind of think of it as a Netflix for online gaming, and tune in to the Pentanet’s stream via YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK at 7pm AWST tonight to learn more.

Image via Pentant.