Which West Aussie Band Would You Like To See Playing This Year’s Grand Final?

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With rumours swirling that Western Australian rock royalty Birds Of Tokyo will soon be tapped by the AFL to be this year’s main grand final entertainment, we thought we’d throw it over to you, the good people of Perth to see who you’d like to play this year’s historic AFL Grand Final.

WA Premier Mark McGowan announced very early on in proceedings he’d like to see WA artists performing at the event, and with our strict border measures in place at the moment it’s essentially guaranteed it will be, but who should it be.

Birds Of Tokyo is an understandable – if very safe – choice; they were already the main event in 2013 when Freo played Hawthorn and the AFL regularly uses Birds Of Tokyo tracks in a very motivational manner a lot of the time.

In terms of popularity on a national scale, San Cisco and Spacey Jane would be obvious next in lines, both having plenty of commercial popularity here and around the country, along with polling well in things like triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown, while Tame Impala is touring overseas and therefore unavailable.

We could also trot a few old faves like John Butler, Eskimo Joe and The Waifs, or if we wanted to think outside of the box a little and elevate some of WA’s next crop, The Southern River Band have made a pretty good case of things.

They’ve essentially annoyed their way onto Premier McGowan’s radar with a hefty social media campaign and the hashtag #SRBAFLGF.

Could we see a hectic back-to-back drum’n’bass DJ set from iconic Western Australia producers ShockOne and Pendulum, as teased by the former on social media a couple of weeks ago?

Not likely but the ravers can dream, plus old mate has actually removed that Facebook post so potentially he knows something we don’t!?

Keeping on the dance tip local trio Crooked Colours have made a strong claim over the past 18 months towards becoming one of Australia’s biggest electronic artists, so not out of the question.

On a more serious note, we’d be remiss for not mentioning the likes of POND, Methyl Ethel and even old Jimmy Recard himself, Drapht, while iconic Broome-based Indigenous artists The Pigram Brothers would make an excellent choice, along with Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics.

And a few other local roughies, perhaps not quite ready for the big stage but not far off it, would be the likes of Old Mervs, Sly Withers, Your Girl Pho, Teischa, and Dennis Cometti (the band).

Alright there’s our pitch, we’d love to hear who you’d like to hear from at this year’s historic WA Grand Final!

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