After over 20 years of mayhem, Adventure World is retiring Rampage

Rampage Adventure World Perth
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As the warmth of summer draws to a close, we are reminded that all things are temporary. With that spirit in mind, we must prepare ourselves to bid farewell to a titan: Adventure World‘s cornerstone ride, Rampage.

Over its 22 year reign over the park, Rampage has excited (and terrified) nearly a million riders – and caused the loss of over 600 lunches!

Rampage Adventure World Perth

When it was first installed, the ride was the biggest to ever hit WA, becoming a fast favourite of thrill-seekers and costing $1.8 million, equivalent to over $3 million today.

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“We’ve been lucky enough to experience more than two decades of exhilarating memories with Rampage at the fore,” Adventure World CEO Andrew Sharry told us.

“We’ve got park lovers who’ve been back season after season to ride Rampage, so we know it’s been responsible for plenty of fun not only for the people of Western Australia, but for those who have travelled far and wide to experience it.”

“Retiring a ride is not something that happens every day, and although we’ll miss the thrills that Rampage delivers, the timing is right. After so many years in action, we’ll be saying goodbye, but also making room for Adventure World to evolve and welcome new, exciting rides in the years to come.”

As well as Rampage, Adventure World is also home to the longest, tallest and steepest funnel waterslide on the planet: the mighty and terrifying Kraken. Up for a challenge? Test your bravery on the thrilling Goliath: an exhilarating, giant pendulum swing, or on the adrenaline-pumping Abyss, which was rated as the best roller coast in Australia when it launched.

So long as you are 145cm tall, you can get your last thrills in up to Rampage’s final ride on Tuesday, April 25. Head to the Adventure World website for more info.