New Booze Restrictions Are In Place For WA, But Don’t Stress You Can Still Get Plenty

byTroy Mutton
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Up to date COVID-19 advice from the WA Health Department: HERE

Up to date COVID-19 advice from the Australian Health Department: HERE

You’ve probably already seen the news that the Western Australian government has just advised there are new liquor restrictions coming into effect today as part of the battle against COVID-19.

These measures will apply to all packaged liquor outlets through WA and in reality, they are not really that restricting:

From 10am March 25, all packaged liquor outlets will be subject to the following quantities for sale per customer per day:

  1. 11.25 litres (one carton) of beer, cider or pre-mixed spirits; or
  2. 2.25 litres (3 bottles) of wine; or
  3. 1 litre of spirits; or
  4. 1 litre of fortified wine; or
  5. a combination of any two of (i), (ii), (iii) or (iv) above but not a combination of two of the same product.

Sounds very do-able to us (while we can still afford it), so let’s not have another toilet paper situation.

Outside of the larger franchise alcohol outlets, we’ve started a list of smaller local joints offering takeaway/pickup booze options, so you can even save yourself a trip to the bottle-o and keep up that social distancing/self-isolating!

Header photo via The Crafty Pint.