A Travel Bubble With New Zealand Looks Set To Be Announced On April 6

byTroy Mutton
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After much discussion over the weeks and months since the pandemic began about a travel bubble with our Kiwi pals over the Tasman, it looks set to become a reality next month according to this ABC report.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden says a date for a new trans-Tasman travel bubble will be set on April 6.

It’s thanks in part to our government amending legislation that will now allow people to travel to New Zealand.

Until the recent amendment, New Zealand qualified as international travel meaning you had to apply for an exemption to go there.

With that no longer an issue, all’s that’s left is setting up the conditions required for a quarantine-free travel bubble to go ahead, including contact tracing.

While we’re no doubt sure many of you have been enjoying exploring everything Western Australia has to offer the past nine or so months, it’s nice to have just the idea of travel outside of the country on the cards!