Bonza, A New Low-Cost Independent Airline, Is Launching In Australia In 2022

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We’re in a bit of a weird flux at the moment, where travel between Australian states seems both close but also far away, but it doesn’t mean we can’t start to dream of more travel in 2022.

And today saw the announcement of a new low-cost, independent airline entering the Australian market in 2022 to help you do some of that travel without breaking the bank.

Looking to fill the space left by the closure of Virgin’s Tigerair Australia brand, Bonza Chief Executive Tim Jordan told the Sydney Morning Herald that the airline will focus on “tradies, teachers, kids and carers”.

It’ll also be looking to open up a variety of new regional destinations for travel outside of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The airline has pegged early- to mid-2022 for its official launch, currently in discussion with over 40 airports around Australia.

In an interview with Executive Traveller, Jordan noted that Bonza will be flying Boeing 737 MAX 8s, making them the first airline to use that aircraft in Australia.

“There are hundreds of MAXs flying around this world at this very minute. The aircraft is approved by Australia’s authorities for airlines currently operating into Australia and regulators around the world have certified that the aircraft is absolutely very safe to fly,” he said.

Head to the Bonza Website to keep up to speed with launch dates.

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