Bridgetown Energy Drink Ban For Under 18s

Bridgetown Will Restrict Energy Drink Sales To Under 18s As Part Of 4-Month Research Trial

bySally Hall
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South West community Bridgetown will begin a four-month research trial that bans the sale of energy drinks to children.

The research will be conducted with researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute alongside local GPs and eight local businesses, with surveys conducted with community members – including children, parents and retailers.

It’s hoped that the reduction in energy drink consumption by teenagers will curb antisocial behaviour and improve mental health amongst the cohort, who are more susceptible to the high levels of caffeine in the drinks.

Bridgetown’s research results will be compared to a nearby town as a control group.

Energy drinks can impact heart and cardiovascular health, cause high blood pressure and disrupt sleep patterns, as well as lead to an increase in anxiety.

One of the local GPs spearheading the trial, Sarah Youngson has noticed a significant increase in insomnia and anxiety from younger patients that was often associated with energy drink use – along with the ensuing disruption in classrooms.

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