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2020 has been a wild year (to put it lightly), but one pleasing aspect to come out of it, particularly in Western Australia, has been the improved sense of community that has come with strict border controls and managing the pandemic.

We were blown away by the response to @perthwillbeok, with the community rallying behind struggling businesses to support however they can.

As we begin to move towards some kind of new “normal”, that community message and the notion of supporting local has never been more important.

One integral component of delivering that message has been the State Government’s Buy West Eat Best program.

Buy West Eat Best, for 12 years, has been supporting around 180 members from across the state, including producers, processors, retailers, restaurants, chefs, and distributors by promoting a simple message:

Think local, buy local, dine local.

And while it is a simple message, as we begin to relax restrictions it might be tempting to let that solidarity with local producers/vendors relax too, but we’re here to help you continue the ethos.

The first – and easiest step – is keeping an eye out for the distinctive Buy West Eat Best bite mark logo, which looks like this:

The key messages behind that logo are the importance of seasonality; low food miles (fresher food); connecting WA regions; championing local helps the local economy; and eat local, support local.

Outside of looking out for the logo, what else can you do to make good choices?

Know what’s in season.

Buying produce that’s in peak season not only means you’re getting it at its freshest/best quality, but also the best price.

Buy West Eat Best offers a handy breakdown of what fruit and veg are in season throughout different times of the year – read up on what’s good and when here.

Buying seasonal produce is important for flavor and price. Photo by Tristan McKenzie.

Support restaurants that support local.

When you dine out, keep your eyes – and taste buds – peeled for restaurants that put a strong focus on local produce.

We spend a lot of time spruiking a heap of great eateries around Perth, and we’ve definitely noticed a trend in recent years for supporting fresh local produce.

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Outside of checking Buy West Eat Best’s extensive list of member producers and restaurants, don’t be afraid to reach out to any restaurants you’re keen on checking out to ask where they source their ingredients.

We reckon there’s a good chance they’ll not only be supporting local, but will be happy to let you know all about it.

Follow Buy West Eats Best.

Outside of the above – let’s be honest, pretty easy to follow – guidelines, if you want to get further in the know on local produce, follow Buy West Eat Best on the web.

Their site has a heap of information to read up on including recipes, kitchen tips, tricks and more, plus their Facebook and Instagram will keep you up to speed on new members and all the latest news with regards to eating the best in the west!

Cover photo by Tristan McKenzie