Beloved Beach Festival Castaway Returns To Rottnest Island This December!

Castaway Festival 2022
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Gather round children, we have a little story to tell: Back in the before time, there used to be these things called music festivals, and particularly during summer they would happen a lot!

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Then COVID-19 came and those festivals kinda slowed down and in some cases…basically stopped!

We do have some good news though – festivals are back baby! And one of Perth’s most popular little summer shindigs, Castaway Festival, is returning to its spiritual home of Hotel Rottnest this December 11.

In equally pleasing news the festival returns with the cream of the Australian music scene, boasting a lineup that features Dune Rats, Hockey Dad, Bag Raiders, Set Mo, Dulcie, Dear Sunday Band and Tomi Bahama, for a pleasing mix of punk rock’n’roll and dance music.

Castaway Festival 2022

Cruise over to the island, kick back with a few bevvies by the beach and get down to some epic sets by the crisp blue hues of Thomson Bay…

Pre-sale tickets are on sale now, with general public going on sale 6pm Tuesday 13 September via Ticketmaster.