Cat Haven Is Dropping Their Adoption Fees To Help Alleviate Huge Numbers This Xmas

Cat Haven Christmas Crisis Perth
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The Cat Haven needs your help this festive season!

This week, the Open Admission Shelter at Shenton Park’s Cat Haven have taken in over 240 cats and kittens, with 81 cats and kittens surrendered in just one day.

The shocking numbers have meant the total number of cats and kittens on site is now at 310, with the Haven reaching breaking point.

In what they’ve described as a desperate bid to reduce numbers and find homes for cats, the Shelter has reduced adult cat adoption fees to just $25 – with the hope that by the 25th of December, all cats will be with a new family for Christmas. The reduced fee will also continue to the end of the year.

“Not all of these cats are ready for adoption but those that are here are getting depressed and anxious in the shelter,” Cat Haven Marketing Coordinater, Amber told us.

“It’s a great time of year to bring a cat into your home, many people are on holiday at this time of year, so they have time to spend getting to know their new cat. We don’t see a higher return rate of cats and kittens after Christmas, in fact find it a great time of year to adopt.”

Every Christmas for over 60 years running, the Cat Haven staff and volunteers spend time away from their families in order to look after the cats and kittens on Christmas Day – ensuring the kitties get some love and attention (and a Christmas dinner!).

Cat Haven Christmas Crisis Perth

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this year our staff and volunteers could also have the day off to spend Christmas with their loved ones because we managed to get every cat in the shelter a loving home?”

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“Help us get into the spirit of giving this year, giving a homeless cat a warm place to sleep and a full belly. Cat Haven and the other rescues have really struggled this year with less adoptions and less foster carers we really need your help to get these lovely cats and kittens homes.”

Here’s how you can help!

If you’re able to welcome a new furry family member into your life, now is the time to adopt!

Foster carers are also needed to look after kitties – whether it’s giving cats a break from the overcrowded shelter, bottle feeding baby kittens or taking in cats that need some extra care after surgery. You just need to provide a loving home!

If you’re not able to welcome a cat into your home right now, you can also donate to the Cat Haven via their website.