An Award-Winning Dessert Chef Is Building A Huge Edible Tunnel At AGWA

Janice Wong AGWA
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It’s always exciting to see beautifully presented food in a restaurant… But what about in an art gallery?

This week, the Art Gallery of Western Australia is awakening all your senses – with a breathtaking installation from award-winning Singaporean culinary artist and dessert chef Janice Wong.

Janice Wong AGWA

Wong’s internationally renowned desserts are available across Asia in her five dessert bars, and the chef has previously collaborated with MoMA, the Met Gala, the London National Gallery, Harrods and Ottolenghi.

The dreamlike tunnel edible installation will be a part of AGWA’s Pure Imagination 2022 AGWA Foundation Gala Event, a night that celebrates and raises funds for Australian women in the arts. Gala guests will be able to pick off confections as they enter, with more displays throughout the event.

“Giving people the permission to interact and destroy art is a new and meaningful concept,” Wong said. “The art is always changing, and the audience is part of that change. I love watching people’s reactions as they pick edible confectionary off the art.”

Janice Wong AGWA

“I have always loved Australia’s nature and produce, and it has provided me with great inspiration over the years,” the chef continued. “Being able to share art that engages all five senses with an Australian audience through AGWA is a wonderful opportunity.”

The installation will be available for the public to view for one day only, on Sunday, August 28 – with Wong also present to meet guests at the gallery’s brand new store.

Wong’s signature meticulously crafted products will also be available to purchase from the AGWA Design Store.

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Janice Wong AGWA

“Janice Wong’s inspiring culinary talent is recognised across the globe,” AGWA Director Colin Walker said.

“Partnering with Janice to showcase her interactive edible artwork and stock her retail products exclusively at the AGWA Design Store is an exciting step for us, as we look to bring art off the walls in unconventional ways.”

“Witnessing Janice’s creations fill you with joy and evoke a kind of spirited emotion that can awaken your early memories of food, taste, texture and flavour.”

Feeling generous? You can buy tickets to AGWA’s Foundation Gala HERE, or pop into the AGWA Design Store for a taste of Janice Wong’s creations.