Perth’s 2023 Christmas Day and Boxing Day weather forecast

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After warm-but-not-crazy hot start to summer it looks like Santa is keeping last year’s slightly milder vibes going when it comes to the weather in Perth this Christmas Day.

We’re a week away from the big day, and the Bureau of Meteorology is reporting the days leading up to Christmas are gonna be in the mid- to high-30s, before some slight relief on December 25.

As of Monday 18 December, it looks like we’re in for a 32-degree Christmas Day, followed by temperatures in the mid- to high-20s on on Boxing Day.

Here’s the week ahead:

Monday 18 December:
Max 32. Sunny with easterly winds.

Tuesday 19 December:
Max 33. Partly cloudy with easterly winds, chance of a thunderstorm in the hills.

Wednesday 20 December:
Max 36. Partly cloudy with easterly winds.

Thursday 21 December:
Max 37. Mostly sunny with easterly winds.

Friday 22 December:
Max 32. Sunny with winds east to southeasterly.

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Saturday 23 December:
Max 33. Mostly sunny, east to southeasterly winds.

Sunday 24 December:
Max 34. Sunny with easterly winds

Monday 25 December:
Max 32. Sunny. Winds easterly.

Tuesday 26 December:
Max 26. Partly cloudy with west to southwesterly winds.

Image Credit: Troy Mutton