Collie And Muja Coal-Fired Power Stations Will Be Shut Down By 2030

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The Western Australian Government has today announced that the coal-fired Muja and Collie power stations will be retired by 2030, “in response to massive uptake of rooftop solar and renewables.”

“For more than a century Collie has literally powered the State – and my Government is absolutely committed to ensuring the town has a strong economic and jobs future,” – said WA Premier Mark McGowan in a press conference with Energy Minister Bill Johnston.

Mr McGowan said the move was necessary to improve system security and protect against rising power bills, saying that inaction could see household electricity costs increasing by more than $1200 by 2030.

With around 1200 people expected to be affected by the transition away from coal-fired power stations to renewables, Collie-Preston MLA Jodie Hanns acknowledged it was “a tough day for our community…

“But with it it comes an important opportunity to build the foundations for the jobs of the future here in Collie.”

Ms Hanns noted that this transition has been in the works since back in 2017, a background that will be invaluable as the town looks to the future.

“We have a solid plan to do this, with the workforce and our community at the heart of everything we are doing… “I want Collie to be held up as an example to other communities around the world facing these kinds of challenges – to show how this can be done right, support the impacted workforce, and ensure a long, prosperous jobs future for the town.”

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The McGowan Government, through Synergy (which runs both stations), will invest an “estimated $3.8 billion in new green power infrastructure around the State, including in Collie and regional WA.”

This latest $547.5 million package to secure new industrial projects and create jobs in Collie brings the McGowan Government investment in collie to more than $662 million.

“We will be working closely with impacted businesses, workers and communities to ensure we create new jobs and training opportunities to future proof Collie for the coming decades,” said Mr Johnston.

According to today’s announcement Collie will be closed by October 2027, while what’s left of Muja (some parts will be shut in October this year and 2024) to closed by October 2029.

Header Image: Muja via Collie River Valley.