Cuteness Overload: Guide Dogs WA Have Just Welcomed Their First Litter Of Home Grown Pups

guide dogs wa breeding program
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Earlier today Guide Dogs WA announced that they have welcome their first ever litter of puppies, with mum and all kids doing well.

The significance of the event was outlined by the WA Government, who have provided $5 million to assist Guide Dogs WA’s breeding program.

“Guide Dogs WA is thrilled to announce that we have welcomed our inaugural litter of puppies – with mother and babies doing well,” Guide Dogs WA said via a Facebook Post. “The five puppies born in Perth to first time brood Janet officially launches our new Breeding Program.”

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guide dogs wa breeding program

The $5 million boost in funding was matched by Guide Dogs WA, with the now six-week old puppies soon to move in with volunteer Puppy Raisers and begin training onto their potential eventual path as guide dogs, autism assistance dogs, therapy dogs, companion dogs or facility dogs.

With their arrival, Guide Dogs WA is asking for more volunteers to become official Puppy Raisers, and you can get more info via the Guide Dogs WA Website.

“Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs make life-changing differences for people with low-vision, disabilities and other illnesses,” said Local Government Minister John Carey.

“Guide Dogs WA has been changing the lives of Western Australians for more than 70 years and we are delighted to be in a position to commence our own Breeding Program,” added Guide Dogs WA Chief Executive Officer Anna Presser.

Image Credit: Guide Dogs WA