The Creepy Containers Are Back! DARKFIELD Has 4 New Experiences At FRINGE WORLD This Year

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One of the most popular series of events at FRINGE WORLDs in recent years has been DARKFIELD’s innovative and immersive sea container shows.

And we have some good news for fans of DARKFIELD or those curious to give it a crack – they’re back in 2022 with four multi-sensory experiences including the brand new production, EULOGY.

EULOGY joins encore seasons of FLIGHT, COMA and SÉANCE as four 40 foot shipping containers land at The Pleasure Garden and Perth Cultural Centre from January 13 until February 13.

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Presented by Realscape Productions (AU) in association with Darkfield (UK), EULOGY is a communal experience lasting 30 immersive minutes, employing binaural sound and speech recognition technology to immerse the audience into a dreamlike, labyrinthine hotel imagined in darkness. You’re then transported through rooms, corridors and more, deeper into the dream.

“EULOGY is both an intense and exhilarating ride and a deeper exploration of the relative merits of an embodied human conscious experience versus one that only exists in the imagination,” explains Nathan Alexander, producer at Realscape Productions. “The difference with EULOGY to our other shows is that each person may have a different experience, depending on their answers. Almost like a choose your own adventure.”


Along with EULOGY, all shows explore themes of fear and anxiety in complete and utter darkness: COMA invites participants to slip into a collective dream state and take part in a mass experiment with each wall in the 40ft sea-container lined with bunk beds; SÉANCE tests the audiences’ susceptibility to suggestible material; and FLIGHT jolts its passengers between this world and alternates.

Tickets are on sale now via