Dwellingup Claims WA’s Top Small Tourism Town Award

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It says a lot to Western Australians’ adventurous spirit and the rise of weekend activities like hiking and mountain biking for

A few years ago Dwellingup was barely on the map (to those not in the know anyway), but in recent years scenic day trip locations like Lane Poole Reserve, South Dandelup Dam and its burgeoning mountain bike trail scene has seen it become incredibly popular.

Winning the small tourism town category (population < 5,000), Shire Of Murray CEO Dean Unsworth acknowledged the hard work that’s scene the town achieve this award: “I am thrilled and honoured that Dwellingup has been named the best small tourism town in the state…

“Over the last twelve months especially, Dwellingup has relentlessly focused, adapted and developed on its tourism offerings and marketing, to position as one of Australia’s top trail and tourism towns.”

A place where nature, adventure and culture combine for a truly unique locale on the WA map, it’s that little bit of everything that makes it so special.

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“Dwellingup is equally relaxing and wild, creating a region rugged, remote and ready to be explored all year round… Collaboration across the community and local business sector, the mountain bike, wider trails and tourism sectors as well as local, state and Australian governments, has attracted considerable investment which is propelling the town toward tourism industry recognition.”

But don’t just take the award’s word for it, check out a few spectacular snaps below courtesy of Chad Gerber.