Good News: WA Has A New Public Holiday! Bad News: It’s On A Sunday

Easter Sunday Public Holiday
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Sometimes it can feel like the only news we ever see is pandemic related, and quite often many tidbits slips through the cracks.

And today’s announcement that Western Australia has a brand new public holiday feels like one of those times, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, WA getting its 11th public holiday brings it in line with most other States and Territories – good news!

Somewhat less exciting (for non-religious folk) is the news that it will fall on Easter Sunday, starting this year on April 17.

Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT all observe Easter Sunday as a public holiday, and it’s great news for people who are required to work, benefitting from an increased penalty rate to public holiday rates.

“Easter Sunday being a public holiday recognises the cultural and religious significance of this day to many Western Australians,” said Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston. “Those hard working Western Australians who work on Easter Sunday will receive any applicable public holiday entitlements for Easter Sunday in 2022 and future years.”


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