Get Your Blood (And Brain) Pumping In These Northbridge Escape Rooms, Featuring A New Buried Alive Game

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Got a hankering for an adventure? Flummoxed for a first date idea? Is the work crew feeling a little disjointed? Get your adrenaline pumping with a visit to Escape This’ immersive escape rooms situated in the heart of Northbridge. With seven themed rooms (and more on the horizon!) you’ll be getting your noggin working overtime, in no time. 

Only just opened, Buried Alive is not for the faint of heart. Australia’s most extreme escape room, you will be locked inside a coffin, clawing desperately in the dark, running out of time… You and your teammate(s- it is only two people) will only have one hour to work together to escape your dire fates. If you’re claustrophobic, this is not the room for you – unless you’re a real glutton for punishment, we guess?!

If you’re into the spooky stuff, Escape This has plenty more immersive rooms that will make your blood run cold. Their Northbridge location is filled with heritage charm… but does the building have a chilling past? In the Haunting, you and your team will be able to explore the dark secrets within, if you dare – but when you hear the mysterious creaks and mumblings lurking in the shadows, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Or perhaps you’d like to meet Hannibal Lecter’s copycat and admirer, and his unhinged assistant? You’ll have to outwit this murderous lunatic before your time runs out, or you might just find yourself on the menu. He’d certainly love to have you for dinner sometime… Check out more information HERE.

Escape This Perth Cannibal Room

Coming in August, the President’s Briefcase will have your brain working overtime. Put your communication skills to the test, with multiple puzzles having to be solved at once in a frantic race against the clock. Will your team be up for the challenge? There’s only one way to find out… Plus, the President’s Briefcase is Escape This’ first portable game – so you can experience the thrill of an escape challenge no matter where you are. 

Looking for something the whole family can get involved with – or maybe you’re a bit  of a scaredy-cat? (Don’t worry, we won’t judge.) There are heaps of rooms that are more on the fun and family-friendly than the freaky-deeky side of things. Defeat the Dark Lord and his quest for immortality by unlocking the secrets of the Alchemist’s Stone in the Wizard’s Chamber, or escape bloodthirsty pirates under the cover of darkness in Pirates in the Caribbean. One of the most popular rooms, Bank Heist will have you thinking on your toes as your perfectly planned bank robbery goes awry.

Head to the Escape This WEBSITE and start planning your next escape today.