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Fern Magazine Issue 3
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While Perth Is OK! may exist purely in the digital space, it’s fair to say some of the (slightly older) hearts around the place still love their print media. The tangibility, the authenticity, the longevity… The smell of new pages and the sight of new images not on an iPhone screen quite simply, can’t be beat.

So when the creators of a special little magazine called Fern, based on the south coast of Western Australia, hit us up about their next edition – well colour us intrigued.

“After doing a fair few years of globe trotting, I came to develop an appreciation for nature and humans that only deepened with time,” says creator Frances Borg. “I am constantly taken back by the beauty of the world, and the endless array of places we are yet to see. However, I often come across people who are rather content and quite disinterested in the whole ‘travel’ ordeal… So I decided that the only thing to do was document these places and their stories to give people that drive, and show them what they are missing out on.”

Fern Magazine

Borg tells those stories with the help of a plethora of creatives she meets along the way, a list that also gives you a nice snapshot of who’ll enjoy Fern Mag: “Of course, I have also met some pretty great people who hold the very same mindset that we do, and these are the people I choose to work beside. Creatives, photographers, writers, painters, designers and athletes. Entrepreneurs, ocean lovers, mountain dwellers, Island lifers. I figured that there was absolutely nothing else I could possibly do except document and recount the lives of these people while simultaneously exploring their homes.”

“So this is how Fern came to be. A brainchild of an over appreciative voyager.”

Fern Mag Issue #3 is just about to launch (“We are waiting on the books to arrive in the next week or so! Exciting times!”), and they’ll be celebrating with a little soiree at Cheeky Monkey Brewing HQ down south with a bunch of artists and music acts.

Click the image below for more info and keep your eyes peeled online for when you can order their latest issue, or pick up your own from one of these fine establishments.

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