Popular All Ages Festival Groovin The Moo Will Skip WA For The First Time In 10 Years In 2022

Groovin The Moo 2022
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Earlier this week news broke that popular regional and all-ages touring festival Groovin The Moo would be returning next year after two (understandable) years off, although to only half its usual venues.

“It has been a hot minute between Moo’s and we’re super excited to announce that Groovin the Moo is heading back on the road in 2022! We have MISSED YOU so much and can’t wait to get our groove on in Maitland, Canberra and Bendigo,” said the festival’s website.

This also means there’s no dates secured for Townsville, Adelaide and Bunbury, where it had been running from 2010 until 2019.

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“Like any festival, GTM takes many months of planning and at this current stage, taking into account varying state by state regulations, the tour has to look a little different in 2022. For now, we are thrilled to confidently deliver the festival you know and love to three of our cherished six regions,” added the website.

In an interview with The West Australian, Steve Halpin from Festival Promoter Cattleyard said the the full tour would return with the festival could deliver a full quality show.

“We’re continuing conversations with local stakeholders and will return when we can be comfortable that we’re going to deliver our full quality show.”

Given the current border uncertainty around WA letting people in from other states, it’s an unfortunate but understandable series of events – something we may be seeing more of as more touring bands favour east coast runs over potential quarantining and other disruptions in WA.

Image: Groovin The Moo/Facebook