Have Your Say In Rotto’s Future With This New Proposed Management Plan

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Stayed at Rotto over the summer and have some feelings? You can now have your say in the future of Wadjemup/Rottnest – including the island’s sustainability, cultural heritage, island amenities and affordable accommodation.

A new Rottnest Island Management Plan draft has just been released to the public, detailing the Rottnest Island Authority’s plans for how to shape Wadjemup/Rottnest’s future over the coming years.

The draft plan has five key focus areas for 2023-2028:

  1. 1. Diversify the visitor base and enhance visitor experience
  2. 2. Deliver sustainable island infrastructure and services
  3. 3. Respect and engage the island’s cultural heritage
  4. 4. Explore and conserve the island’s environment
  5. 5. Foster strong partnerships

To enact these focus areas, highlights of the plan include redevelopment of the Lodge Wadjemup site to provide over 100 rooms, as well as two new accommodation developments and the expansion of Rottnest Island Authority-operated affordable accommodation – including cabins and campgrounds.

On the sustainability front, the draft plan also features a $54.8 million upgrade to the island’s energy infrastructure, with 75% of the island’s future power needs supplied by renewable energy sources.

That includes two new wind turbines, and a doubling of the solar generation capacity – and an estimated reduction of 4000 tonnes of carbon emissions from the power station. 40,000 trees will also be planted by staff and volunteers.

(And while there are plenty of additions and redevelopments planned within the settlement, the remaining 85% of the island will be classified as a reserve for conservation and recreation.)

$34.1 million has been allotted to improving Wadjemup’s drinking water production and supply over the next two years.

The plan also details the predicted increase to visitors, which have already risen above pre-COVID records. By July 2027, ferry arrivals are predicted to reach 770,000 visitors, 70% of which will be day visitors.

The draft is available to read on the Rottnest Island Authority website, which also details the ways you can submit your feedback on the plan (submissions close at 5pm on Tuesday 9 May 2023).