After a successful launch in 2023, Jamba Nyinayi Festival returns to Nyinggulu (Ningaloo) next April

Jamba Nyinayi Festival 2024
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After a successful launch around the Total Solar Eclipse last year, Jamba Nyinayi Festival will return in 2024 with new experiences including on-country camping.

The festival is owned and created by Nyinggulu (Ningaloo) owners the Baiyungu people, and Traditional Owner Hazel Walger will host the festival from Thursday 11-Saturday 13 April at Cardabia (Gunjayindiya) Station, Coral Bay.

The unique community festival will feature local indigenous art and culture showcases, with a focus on delivering intimate and inspirational activities shared by the Baiyungu people.

Jamba Nyinayi Festival 2024

“Baiyungu people are proud and strong. Many tribes in the Nyinggulu region and beyond have been
coming together at Murlanda (Mauds Landing) coastal area for holidays and cultural traditions for
thousands of years,” said Walger, pictured below.

“Now, from Apr 11-13 2024, we invite all people from all cultures to come join us and ‘stay for a while’ (Jamba Nyinayi means come sit/stay for a while) with the traditional Baiyungu people at Gunjayindiya (Cardabia Station – near Mauds Landing), to witness and experience our culture, all together as one at the Jamba Nyinayi Festival (JNF).”

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Jamba Nyinayi Festival 2024

There will be a new two-night limited on-country camping and cultural experience package available next year, featuring intimate campfire performances, traditional fire pit meals and workshops, followed by the main concert on the Friday night.

For people wanting to attend the (free) main concert on the Friday night, there will also be a one-night, bring your own gear camping option available.

Jamba Nyinayi Festival 2024

The full lineup and program details will be announced early next year, though camping packages and festival registrations are now open.

Head to the Jamba Nyinayi Festival Website for more information.

Image Credit: Supplied/Blue Media Exmouth