A Young Perth Couple Have Created A Kids Book To Raise Bushfire Funds

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As we’ve mentioned before, the bushfire crisis that has gripped Australia over the past few months, if nothing else has brought us together as a nation*. Seeing people from far and wide digging deep in whatever way they can to help the people, animals and environment affected by this large scale disaster has been inspiring to say the least.

And one young Perth couple – Seb and Carly Moone – has recently joined the ranks in helping those in need, but they need your help as well.

‘My Dad, The Secret Superhero’ aims to be a 32-page bound children’s book helping kids “understand the sacrifice and effort many families are faced with during these difficult times”.

The story of the book will follow a little girl named Delilah who discovers her father’s secret superhero identity – that of a firefighter. “He isn’t just a farmer, he is a courageous superhero protecting Australia from the fire monsters. The story follows the adventures of Delilah’s Dad a volunteer firefighter, highlighting the heroic acts performed by our firefighters during bushfire season.”

The Moones took inspiration for the book when a property neighbouring their parents’ farm came under threat, and her father gathered a team of neighbours to help put the fire out: “Within 30 minutes there were about 15 farmers with firefighting units on this bloke’s paddock.”

Out of that ‘My Dad, The Secret Superhero’ was born, and they’ve launched a Pozible campaign to help get the book printed and published. With the help of a few local enterprises, all profits from the book will be donated to relevant charities.

At the time of publishing this article they’ve raised almost $7,000 of the necessary $10K to get it out into the world, with a goal of selling around 2000 books that will ultimately reduce production costs and increase the donation amount.

Find out more and pledge yourself via their POZIBLE CAMPAIGN.


*  except over that whole pesky climate change issue, but we’ll leave that off the table for the purpose of this post.