Meet The Perth-Based Medical Team Currently Working On One Of The World’s Most Promising COVID-19 Vaccines

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As the world continues to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, we can expect to hear regular news of various vaccines in development with the hope that one will be approved and become available sooner rather than later.


And today we’re excited to introduce you to a Perth-based medical research team conducting medical trials on many fantastic potential medical breakthroughs, including one of the world’s most promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates.


The team at Linear Clinical Research was founded in 2010 by the Harry Perkins Institute Of Medical Research through WA State Government Funding, with a focus on bringing exciting new therapies to the people of WA.


Based out of the QEII Medical Centre in Perth, Linear has already become a regular award winner of The National Export Awards and regularly partner with the Telethon Kids Institute and Lion’s Eye Institute.

The not-for-profit operation has over 150 full-time physicians, nurses and clinical trial staff, including an Internationally renowned Oncology team led by Professor Michael Millward.


A major part of Linear is of course medical trials, recruiting healthy volunteers and patients and adhering to strict protocols as reviewed and approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee.


The importance of finding a COVID-19 vaccine cannot be overstated, and Linear is currently at the forefront of one particularly groundbreaking trial – which is also where you potentially come in.


Between June 16 and September 22, the group received almost 9000 applications from Perth residents wanting to contribute to the research, with a large portion of them between the ages of 18 and 54. This interest allowed Linear to complete the first stage of the trial.


The vaccine they are trialling is not a “live” vaccine, which means participants are not given COVID-19, and only healthy participants who pass a strict eligibility criteria are selected.


These trials are vital in the hunt for a successful COVID-19 vaccine, and Linear are currently recruiting more healthy participants to progress this trial to the next stage of development.


All participants in this research are reimbursed for their time and contribution. If you feel like this is something you’d be interested in being a part of, head to the Linear Clinical Research WEBSITE to learn more.