Local Governments Are Launching Neighbour Outreach Programs And You Can Volunteer

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It can all feel a little overwhelming at the moment – the empty shelves, the forced isolation, staying a couple of metres away from people at all times. We’ve felt the anxiety and pressures of the COVID-19 situation just like many of you, but funnily enough as we’re forced to spend time apart, now is more important than ever to stick together.

Part of getting through this situation, besides doing all you can to help slow the spread of COVID-19, is remember to sink your energy back into your community, and in particular those most vulnerable.

In the past couple of days Member for Perth, John Carey, and the City Of Fremantle have launched neighbour-to-neighbour outreach programs to help keep us connected with those more vulnerable members of society, and they’re asking for your help!

On Monday Carey announced his office have been contacting elderly and senior citizens in the Perth electorate, checking if they need assistance, and that’s where you come in.

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If you’re able to jump on the phone to chat to someone, do a quick grocery run for them or donate some valuables, then SIGN UP HERE. These are tasks that can be done while implementing the core principles of social distancing, and you could be helping someone through some of the toughest times this country as a whole as faced. So far over 1200 people have signed up, and we reckon you could easily be one of them.

**UPDATE** John Carey’s initiative has already received over 1300 applicants, which is more than enough, and are now collecting goods for Foodbank WA and the Homeless Support Group Events (more info HERE).

Similarly, the City Of Fremantle have just launched their Neighbour To Neighbour project, supporting high risk communities (seniors, people with disabilities, indigenous people and culturally and linguistically diverse people) impacted by COVID-19.

They too have launched a short survey for willing volunteers to fill out, just head to their dedicated COVID-19 WEBSITE and follow the links.

Every little bit helps, and we look forward to seeing what other local governments jump on board great initiatives like this.