Perth Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Eclipse Of The Heart! What Time To See Perth’s Lunar Eclipse Tonight

bySally Hall
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Tonight, Australia will get the spectacular treat of a full lunar eclipse – the first of 2022 and the last until 2025.

For Perth, we’ll be able to see the eclipse between 6:43 and 7:41PM.

Unlike in the eastern states and New Zealand, the eclipse will have already begun by the time the moon rises – but that also means we’ll have the benefit of the “moon illusion”, the optical illusion which will make the moon appear gigantic while it’s low to the horizon.

Total lunar eclipses are caused by the sun, earth and moon coming into perfect alignment, with the earth casting a shadow over the moon.

The phenomenon is also called a “blood moon”, due to the moon turning red at totality – the hue is caused by light passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, with the amount of dust in the atmosphere determining the intensity of colour.